Flowers in coordination with Allium Design
photography by kristin Chalmers

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no

one alive who is Youer than you ” – dr. seuss

Maybe you have noticed a need in your community or you want to help make a positive change? No need to wait...plan a fundraiser or an educational seminar at your home, incorporate philanthropic activities into your next reunion or picnic. Make an impact and help create change. We are happy to offer advice and direction on ways to make your next fundraising event or educational gathering meaningful. This also can be built into any of our consulting packages listed above for no extra fee.

Because we all deserve and need a little more "party" in our lives regardless of the reason or occasion.

Here are some extra special celebRAEtions that we love to help plan, style or consult on.

Special Events Tips and Twists

Make an Impact

photography and Dog Decor by Holly buczek

Green is "Chic"

Parties for your Pups

Being green doesn't have to be as hard as Kermit makes it out to be, in fact, being green is both responsible and pretty darn trendy these days. CelebRAEtions is happy to serve as your "green" consultant and help brainstorm ways to make your next special event eco-friendly. We can easily build this into any consulting package listed above for no extra fee. Go Green!

CelebRAEtions loves animals and the fun, companionship and peace they bring to our lives. If you want to throw your four legged friend a birthday party and you don't know where to start, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assure you that in addition to a memorable dog soiree your event will include test/cage-free treats and fido friendly activities.