"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

Celebrate Everyday is about joy, love and embracing life, our experiences and the people we care about most. 

Life can be tough, filled with real world challenges, obstacles and stresses so our blog's goal is simple...together we want to celebrate, laugh and have fun with our readers. We want to share and experience “joie de vivre”, a.k.a. the joy of living, encourage creativity at all ages and are committed to living life to the fullest with exuberant grace and appreciation.

With personal and professional experience in the art of celebration we are here to inspire and have fun.Together we plan to share our blissful moments because we all deserve to cherish today and enjoy all the surprises it has waiting for us. 


With love & celebration,

Becky, Holly & Rae

Celebrate Everyday

Cherishing today and embracing the surprises it has waiting for you